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One classroom - one ipad

Sadly our class set of iPads has been taken away from us and reassigned to Heads of Departments to use, I suspect, largely as personal management systems.  I have had one iPad since November and this recent reassignment of the school's class set of iPads has got me thinking about how my colleagues can use their iPad for more than managing their time and reading online.  Of course, many schools are now embracing new technology and have gone down the route of 1:1 iPads.  This has not been the case for me (yet) but I have still been able to use my iPad creatively in my classes.  I have been free with the iPad I have been given.  I have always taken the line that I am lucky that school gave me the iPad to use and I wanted to repay the gesture by ensuring that the pupils I taught also benefitted from it.  This desire, coupled with my increasing awareness through my studies of Digital Technology for Language Teaching, has enabled me to see how my one iPad could be put to good use. In …

Making Genius Makers

Recently I enjoyed a wonderful day at PedagooSW where I heard +Nick Dennis talking about the Multiplier Effect* and its role in shaping the way people lead.  The question is are you a genius or are you a genius maker?  I was inspired by his talk and the points he had to make and I am looking forward to reading the book and exploring how I can enable my team to develop and lead more effectively.
One week later and I have had further cause to reflect on last week's talk.  Interestingly my reflections are based on a classroom experience as opposed to any departmental or whole school issue.  I found myself with a small year 8 class who are bright and incredibly keen to learn.  We had spent time over the year learning how to talk about our past and now I wanted them to create something with their knowledge and I wanted them to be able to go beyond writing something on paper.  I had one iPad at my disposal.  So not a 1:1 experience at all.... more like 1: 20. 
They decided to talk ab…

Why this tool and not another?

We all know that there are a plethora of tools available out there in the ether that can be used for a variety of purposes.  Sometimes I become overwhelmed with the choices available.  How to proceed?  I have a small window with my Year 8s and I want to do a speaking task.  Should I use "voice technology tool that allows users to discover, collect and convey thoughts and expressions on-the-go over voice in 30-second audio snippets ...".  This would be perfect.  Each of my students would be able to access the tool and complete the task within a 40 minute period.  I know it's possible as I have done it.  Then on the other hand why not use Audioboo I can "capture [my students] thoughts by giving them access to Audioboo - the easiest, simplest way to let students express themselves".  Of course, if I do not go with these options there's always Tellagami a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video.  With this last option I can ad…