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Do we need another mind mapping tool?

I have written a post before here about mindmapping tools. There are certainly quite a few out there. I think it really is a matter of preference which tool you use.  I tend to draw mind maps with Popplet as it is easy to use and is great for collaborating.  You can create mind maps on the computer or on your tablet.   I have also made use of iMindMap HD as I like its style and look and the curved lines which can link up a number of ideas in a freeform way that is not always possible on other mind mapping tools.  Here's an example based on some thoughts about digital strategy. However, recently I came across Cell Storming Free on the iPad which allows you to build on SOLO taxonomy ideas and let your students create mind maps using hexagons which can be moved around and enables students to link up their thoughts and ideas beyond basic levels.    This example here simply shows how the hexagons can be linked.  It is possible to move hexagons which allows for greater freedom of thou…

A good tech tool

With a little time on my hands I have been investigating some tools that I think have a great part to play in the classroom.  One of these is @EDpuzzle.  Rather like @educanon123 you can take your video from a wide variety of sources (you tube, Khan academy, Vimeo and so on).  I chose one I had made earlier and stored on you tube.

Interestingly, when I made this video using the fabulous @explainevrything I then made a worksheet to go with it.  @EDpuzzle takes away the need for a worksheet.  Your questions can be placed exactly where you want them in the video and there is no limit on the number of questions you can have.  There are two types of questions (true/false or open) and a comments box for some further guidance at opportune moments from the teacher. Click on the picture to see the video in action. There is further flexibility in that the video can be cropped to suit your exact needs and you can add voiceover.

Once you have made your video you can then assign it to your class.…

Tech Meets AFL - with one iPad

It is well documented how technology can impact positively on Assessment for Learning.  An app or online student response system such as nearpod or socrative will allow teachers to engage students and assess their learning through student response systems. They are excellent for pitching the work at the right level for different learners and indeed for pinpointing exactly where your students are.  They do require a whole class full of smartphone, tablets or similar devices or even just a computer.
In September I am excited to be leading an Inset session on AFL.  I know that there is still plenty of time but given that there are so many strands to think of and ways to approach this subject I need to get ahead and start planning now.  Furthermore, I only want to present a few ideas as I would like to leave room for other colleagues to share the good work they do too.  I hope to bring a bit of technology into play as well as numerous other activities. I think it worth adding at this sta…