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Time to start using timelines

I recently read an article in a Guardian interview with Dan Snow who was essentially promoting his timeline app as well as the use of technology in the classroom. He is a staunch supporter of a digital approach in the classroom and is clearly well able to see the advantages of using it.  His app looks very good too.  However, I'm not here to assess that app but the article reminded me of my timeline app that I downloaded at the start of the summer holidays and never really explored. Well, finally, a few weeks later, I have created my own timeline to use with my classes using the Timeline 3D app available on iTunes for use on iPhone or iPad. 
As a French teacher it felt appropriate to create a timeline that I could use with my Year 12s and 13s so that they could understand, what is for them, a complicated collection of facts and dates from the start of WWII.  My focus, in particular, was occupied France.  Below is a 2D picture of the timeline I created for 1940. 

The layout is c…