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Tech tool review. Looking back and going forward.

So, it is that time of year when people like to sum up their year or reflect on the good and the bad of the year and think about what has worked well and is worth repeating next year and what should be left behind.  In this post I intend to think about those tech tools that I have enjoyed using and that have helped me enhance what I do in my classroom and then I am going to look forward at ones that I intend making more of next year.
First up, looking back. Here's three of my favourite tools from 2014:

First on the list is explaineverything which is worth a post all of its own really. This app is so versatile and allows you to annotate imported work and images (perhaps of a town map in geography, a maths' problem or a student's essay) and you can even voice annotate your image or writing.  With my own classes I have used it to import pictures and label them and voice annotate these pictures.  I have then shared the videos with my students who have watched them in advance …


No digital ramblings here.  No talk of technological tools or how to make the most of them in class.  This post comes a few days into my holiday and I am beginning to wind down. Spurred on by @MartynReah and his stirling work on the topic of teacher wellbeing.  I have decided to take a moment to think about my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around me.  I am a mother, wife, teacher, Head of Department and MA student about to embark on my dissertation.  I am a busy person, I admit it.   Stopping now to reflect will do me good and hopefully have a positive impact on those around me.

#connect - I have gained so much from the few TeachMeets that I have attended this year.  It has been so good finally to meet the people I tweet with regularly.  It has been good also to be involved, to hear great ideas that I can take back to my classroom.  Part of the TeachMeet process has been to present and I have enjoyed this too.  I aim to attend more TeachMeets next year and connect with mor…