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No digital ramblings here.  No talk of technological tools or how to make the most of them in class.  This post comes a few days into my holiday and I am beginning to wind down. Spurred on by @MartynReah and his stirling work on the topic of teacher wellbeing.  I have decided to take a moment to think about my own wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around me.  I am a mother, wife, teacher, Head of Department and MA student about to embark on my dissertation.  I am a busy person, I admit it.   Stopping now to reflect will do me good and hopefully have a positive impact on those around me.

#connect - I have gained so much from the few TeachMeets that I have attended this year.  It has been so good finally to meet the people I tweet with regularly.  It has been good also to be involved, to hear great ideas that I can take back to my classroom.  Part of the TeachMeet process has been to present and I have enjoyed this too.  I aim to attend more TeachMeets next year and connect with more like-minded folk.  However, more than that I want to help my colleagues to connect in the same way and experience the buzz that I have experienced.  I am going to bring TeachMeets to my colleagues and help them to connect.

#exercise - a couple of years ago I ruptured my cruciate ligament and as part of the recovery process after the operation I had to complete various exercises to get the strength back in my leg.  Although it was hard work I kept at it and by the time the recovery exercises were over and I was able to start playing tennis again I was, curtesy of all the running and cycling, incredibly fit (for me).  It felt good and for a while I kept it going.  However, as ever, I let it go, too busy doing other things. So, the exercise regime is going to be a feature of 2015 and I will be fit and healthy and this is the crucial bit, I will feel good.

#learn - I cannot deny that this has already been a big learning year for me. I have learnt so much doing my MA but more than that I have discvoered so much from Twitter and reminded myself of the things I need to do to improve my teaching.  In the everyday madness that can be the life of a teacher it is easy to forget what we are there for.  Some days I admit I have found that I just want to get through the day and I want to make amends for this.  I am going to continue using what I am learning through my wonderful PLN on Twitter.  I have already delved into a number of ideas and I plan to read a whole lot more books.  Here's a few for the next few months.

#notice - this may sound simple but I want to take greater note of time passing and to enjoy my days more fully.  When I am stressed at work in the thick of marking assessments and reports I am guilty sometimes of wishing time away, and wishing it was already the holidays.  It is surely something that many teachers are guilty of; wishing it was already the holiday. So I am going to take greater notice of time passing and stop wishing term time away when I am feeling under pressure.  

#give - to my family.  They have been so supportive firstly as I took on my Head of Department role and then as I started my MA.  With the long road to the final dissertation still ahead of me I know that it would be easy to shut myself away with my notes, papers and research.  However, I am going to ensure that I give as much time to my wonderful family.  I will go running with my husband, even though he is much faster and more eager than me!  I will play minecraft with my son, regularly.  And, I will take the time to learn how to ice cakes properly with my daughter.

There's a lot to look forward to in 2015.   


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