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One classroom, one iPad - more ideas

It seems like just a few months ago that I penned my first post on this topic area.  In fact it is over six months and already there are more ideas for making the most of your one iPad in class.
One oversight in the first post was the absence of Plickers.  Wow! What an app!  If you are looking for a way to assess your learners in a way which gives you detailed feedback the Plickers is it.  I have written more about it here, but suffice to say, with some simple downloadable cards from the plickers website and the app on your iPad you can get a full breakdown of just what your students know (or, indeed, what they do not know) and thus plan the next steps in class accordingly.
Another app that at the time I knew nothing about but that I now use a few times a week is post-it plus.  This tool takes an already excellent classroom idea and builds on it in a way that only technology makes possible. Students give feedback or write their ideas on a post it note in the normal way.  Post-it plu…

Going global

I was so lucky to go to Bett2015 and even luckier to attend #TMBett15.  There were some great presentations on a variety of topics.  Sadly I did not get to do my presentation as there just was not the time.  If I had had the opportunity to present this is what I would have said.
As an MFL teacher I obviously have a vested interest in running cross channel projects.  An online exchange can be an excellent way to work in language skills, getting the students to correct each other's language and then ultimately to work together to negotiate meaning to produce a final project.  However, a global project is not just the domain of the languages teacher.  A project such as this can be of great benefit in other subject areas too.   It can bring to students an intercultural understanding which in this day and age is absolutely necessary.  As teachers we should make it our business to educate our students about the need to understand one another and other cultures. To get going on a global …