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Long live my Interactive Whiteboard

Now that is not something you hear too often these days.
There are so many technological options available to us as teachers at the moment in the classroom. We have come a long way from chalkboards, Banda worksheets and overhead projectors.  As classroom tools have moved with the times my teaching has taken into account these tools and has sought to investigate how these tools can enhance my classroom practice.  Note the onus here - how could my teaching be enhanced?  It can not be said enough - pedagogy first, technology second. So now classrooms can be awash with technological tools such as laptops and iPads and I embrace these too.  How will they help me to help my students to improve their learning?  I have posted blogs on a number of apps that I have explored and even with my one iPad I have seen great benefits and I have a good understanding of just what can be achieved.  I am amazed and delighted at what I can do with my sole iPad in class.  Check out this presentation for e…