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Year 8 are (app) Smashing!

I am lucky to have a really positive year 8 group who are very keen to practise their spoken French.  So, after a few weeks building up some relevant vocabulary and practising our grammar skills we then spent time preparing a presentation about our Vacances D├ęsastreuses.  I gave the students certain freedom about how they presented their work.  A couple went down the traditional route and made a powerpoint presentation on the class computer and then acted out their role play.  Others decided to make use of my iPad (or even their own iPod touch that they had been allowed to bring to class expressly for this purpose) and add a little extra to the background image of their presentation.  They followed some simple steps:

source some photos and save in the photo libraryupload to Photo Collage Maker and put them together with this simple appsave to the photo libraryupload the newly formed collage to Balloon Stickies and add a thought bubble save to the photo librarygo to Tellagami and creat…