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Behind every good lesson... part 2 - HOTS

As this post explains, when I am preparing lessons the first and most important factor that guides my planning is pedagogy. This is true even though I am a true fan of embedding technology into my practice.  Technology is never the driver or the star, it is a vehicle.  In this post you can see how I have sown the foundations to a new topic and my students have a solid vocabulary base on which to build.  I may have used active learning strategies or pair work activities, listening exercises and reading comprehensions - to name but a few.  At some point in the process I will have embraced a technological tool because when MOTS activities are necessary, technology can meet this need perfectly.
I am now at the point in my planning when I want my students to use this new language and also combine it with previous knowledge to create new work that demonstrates their progress.  I am looking for some knowledge construction.  There are many ways to go about this and I still may not feel the n…

Behind every good lesson....part 1 - MOTS

Behind every good lesson there's a great plan.  Even if the lesson does not come off well the chances are there were good intentions laid out in the plan.  Of course nowadays with so many technological tools at our disposal lesson plans have changed.  Right?  Wrong!  Technology may play a key part in lessons but does this mean that our focus is on the technology when we come to plan lessons.  Do we start with the tool?  Definitely not.
Think Pedagogy First! At the forefront of my mind when I plan is my goal for the lesson and what I want the students to achieve.  Of course there is also the bigger picture and the long term goal to consider. How I get my students to think and to engage with the lesson content is really important to me.  How can I stretch and challenge them, how can I ensure that I am meeting all their needs?  How can I ensure that my students make progress - after all, that is the whole point of the lesson.  These are the questions that drive my planning.  It'…