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Email. Should we thank Ray Tomlinson?

On Monday, I am tasked with giving whole school assembly.  The theme for the term is current affairs.  There's lots to talk about but I have gone for something a little different. What follows is my talk.
Clearly, as Head of MFL I should stand here today and talk about Europe - should we be in or out? However, the papers are full of articles and editorials and I am going to leave it to you to read these and make these important decisions yourself. 
Instead I want to talk about this man.  Image courtesy of
On 6th March, Ray Tomlinson died.
You may not have any idea who this man is.  But his work has, even if you did not know it, impacted on the way you now communicate.  Indeed in my lifetime, which is not quite half a century, communication has changed beyond recognition.  As a youngster I recall people using fax, telephones looked like this and I used to send my Australian relatives airmail letters. On my year abroad in Russia I sent telegrams as it was so cheap, and when I…