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Flipped Learning with Nearpod

Recently, I have been trying to get my Year 12 confident with pronouns (direct and indirect object pronouns).  Anyone who teaches French will know that these can be complicated for some pupils and it can be tricky to teach.  Thinking that I really needed to get my pupils to work at their own pace and take their time over exercises testing their (hopefully) new-found knowledge I decided to put together some lessons using Nearpod.  Nearpod is an online tool that allows you to create inspiring and engaging lessons and provide you with 'real-time feedback and post-session reports'.  This last term I was able to benefit from the ability to embed videos from YouTube for free (normally, you would have to upgrade to be able to use Web Content) and over a suite of Nearpod lessons I started each different grammatical point with a video.  Of course, if I had made the video myself, there would have been no problem in simply uploading that from a number of different sources (eg dropbox, g…