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First steps with OneNote

In all my years of teaching I have always written to-do lists to help me keep organised and have had a lovely black academic diary that I have refilled each year.  However, over time I have relied increasingly on my outlook calendar for important dates and deadlines.  Last April, knowing that as a school we would be implementing Office 365 tools in the classroom in the near future, I saw that One Note would be a good place for me to start learning.  I could cut my teeth on my own Notebook and be ready to introduce Class Notebook in September.

I started using my notebook as a personal organiser in late May and by the end of June I had made my decision to give up my old ways of organising my busy working life.  As time has gone on I have become more adept at using the tool and have organised my Notebook accordingly.

Firstly some OneNote Notebook clarification:

A Notebook has sectionsWithin sections there are pagesPages can have sub-pages. In plain language, imagine that a Notebook is lik…

Learning to teach with Microsoft in Education

Until some point in the summer term of 2017 I was a staunch supporter of Google Classroom.  I have posted a number of times on the topic of using this excellent tool in class and you can read about it here and here. There were many features of Google Classroom that I enjoyed; for example, the ability to collaborate, to provide fast and effective feedback, and to set assignments to name but a few.  This tool enhanced the learning experience for my students and I really enjoyed the opportunity to use it.  Thus, it was tricky to switch tools recently but the Microsoft in Education path along with its suite of applications in Office 365 has furnished me with many similar opportunities as those provided by Google Classroom and Google Drive.

As with all new tools there has been a lot to learn and it has been a steep learning curve. Nonetheless,
 I intend to share my experiences with Office 365 and the variety of tools I have been using since September 2017  over a series of blog posts and …