Lessons in Class Notebook - a Year 9 lesson on transport

Since the start of lock-down I have been lucky to share with many of the #mfltwitterati lots of ideas about teaching using Microsoft's Class Notebook.   I have written about the experience of teaching online here Unfortunately I am not able to share the actual Class Notebook page, but I can show here, in this video,  what my students experience when lessons are delivered via Class Notebook.  You can see that the goal to talk about how we get around is achieved using a variety of techniques that are well-known in the languages classroom.  There is learning of chunks of vocabulary, listening, reading and producing language both written and orally.  Have a look at the video here:

This is a blended learning approach - I have written more about blended learning in MFL here - using a variety of tools listed here:

1. learningapps

2. www.edu-games.org

3. Flipgrid

4. Quizlet

5. Flippity  (thanks to @VEverettmfl to introducing me to this great resource)

I have saved the resources to a google doc if you would like to use them in a lesson or adapt for your own Class Notebook.  Year 9 Travel & Transport

Let me know how you get on in the comments box below.


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