Rambling on about me

I am a Head of Modern Languages with some 20 years teaching experience.  I have always loved thinking about the teaching and learning process and this is still true for me even now.  The plethora of technological tools and social media has allowed the language classroom to go beyond the traditional four walls and it has opened up new doors for like-minded teachers to think about how we approach what we do.  Sharing and collaborating has never been easier (and I don't just mean for the teachers).

I am currently studying for an MA in Digital Technology for Language Teaching.  In my first module I had to write a blog touching on the relevant methodologies and ideas that we were reading and discussing.  What seemed like a bit of a chore initially has become something I positively enjoy doing now and indeed I write for my own personal gratification as opposed to writing for marks on my course.  I have, through both the MA and the blog, become a much more reflective and effective lifelong learner. 

I write for http://www.innovatemyschool.com/

View my old blog here: janebasnett.edublogs.org